Soccer Dad

Maximum coaching, minimum hassle.

Soccer Dad available on the App Store New Version 5.1
  • Soccer Dad lets you manage multiple teams and organizes them by season. Full player contact information can be entered, so communication is a breeze.
  • Create and schedule practices and games for all your teams with optional reminders. These events will also appear in your built-in iPhone calendar.
  • On game day Soccer Dad makes dealing with last minute changes a snap. Rotations are managed automatically to give fair playing time to all players or manually handle substitutions yourself.
  • Use the whiteboard (play video) to illustrate animated plays and drills. Whiteboards can be automatically populated with the current lineup from a game in progress. Share completed whiteboards with other coaches through email.
  • After, or during a game, review player and team statistics. These reports can be easily shared with all player contacts.
Manage your Soccer Team with TeamSnap Soccer Dad works with Dropbox